SEO Trends in 2020

Top 5 Revolutionary SEO Trends in 2020 You Must Consider

We are living in a continuously growing world, and trends keep changing. In digital marketing, SEO is an essential component of your online business that grows organically. SEO tactics are fickle and influenced by Google updates and market trends. To get the advantage of these SEO trends, you should know about these priorly, and be ready to form a beneficial synchronization between your business & trends.

You are on the right track now, but this path doesn’t need to work for you forever. You need to keep monitoring these marketing updates or trend, and optimizing your business accordingly to upkeep & uplift your digital business growth.

To ensure high revenues of your business and be future-ready, you should know about upcoming SEO trends, which help you to make changes accordingly to beat the competition.

Let’s discuss top SEO trends in 2020 and its impacts on industries.

Intent Research Will Be New Black

In earlier days, keywords were the only way to understand the context of web content, but Google continuously working to understand the context-independent of keywords. These days, everyone is focusing only on keywords, and their content revolves around the keywords only. But soon, this keyword centric technique will become obsolete because recently, Google released a new BERT algorithm.

BERT algorithm is to provide the best content to the user, depending on the user’s intent. Hence, only business intent valid keywords will be considered to get better online visibility in SERPs & prominent ranks. BERT will understand the context and serve the best results, matching searcher’s objectives. So, it will help if you focus more on your customer’s intent instead of keywords solely.

E-A-T (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness)

E-A-T concept in Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines defines your credibility and the quality of your business website. These guidelines are used by humans to assign quality scores to search results for specified queries.

Google will stick to it to scale whether your websites are worthy or not. So, if you have low authority and poor web property, then the upcoming year is going to be tough for your online business. The only way to boost your E-A-T is by magnifying your quality.

Google wants to serve superior content and services to users, and if you help Google, then it will help you back to grow your online business. A golden rule to amplify your authority is, provide the best services and top web experience to your users and earn trust and credibility.

Knowledge Graph Optimization

Knowledge graphs are Google’s knowledge base used to show valuable information to the user in a section next to search results. Google is developing ways to fetch entity related data in search results, and you should optimize yourself for entity and knowledge graphs to match trends.

Google is tracking & monitoring real world-activities, and your local authority helps you achieve online visibility doesn’t matter if you have a website or not. Local SEO is entity-based, and if you consider entity optimization in 2020, then you will have top ranks. So, add entity and knowledge graph optimization for SEO in 2020.

Mobile SEO

Due to the portability and handiness of mobiles, these are the most used devices by people. Everyone spends most of their time on mobile internet to search for anything. So, it’s crucial to be available to your mobile audiences.

Google also launched a mobile-first indexing update, which prioritizes mobile compatible websites indexing. So, you are recommended to make your website first for mobile than desktop. It will help you get both rankings and tons of mobile customers. Hence, boost your business in 2020 with mobile SEO.

Voice Search Optimization

Smartphones introduced a voice search feature to surf the internet conveniently. Earlier people need to enter standard relevant keywords to get the right information. Nowadays, people started using voice search to get information by speaking whatever they have in mind.

Voice search is continuously increasing, and it’s crucial to consider this new search technique in 2020. Voice search dilutes short keyword’s importance, so you need to research your customer base and optimize accordingly to get higher rankings in voice searches also.

These are the top 5 SEO trends in 2020 that you should know and follow to nurture your online business. So, Future-Google-Proof your business and enjoy tangible ROI and growth rates with the latest SEO trends in the coming year.